I speak. I sing. I farm. 


It’s a good life here at the Sound Stable.  

My first memories of my voice are singing with my family band. I was five years 
old with pig tails and played a blue tambourine that was bigger than my head, pigtails included. I am the youngest of five children so there were seven of us in all. We dressed alike. It was classic. I have always loved to sing and often sang, unsolicited, to anyone or anything for that matter. The family dog. The trees. The neighbor boy who was more interested in pulling said pig tails than my much practiced rendition of the latest TV jingle. I loved jingles. I would jump rope to them.


Family band turned into band practice, which turned into singing professionally. When I wasnʼt singing, I worked as a receptionist at an ad agency. A copywriter liked my voice and asked me to record a voiceover for a new business pitch. It was for some kind of hot rocks massage package and the start of my VO career.


Since then, I have worked with Target, Walmart, United Airlines, Best Buy, to name only a few. All the while, the singing never stopped. I was singing and touring in professional shows all over the country. I have performed with the Dallas Symphony, The MN Orchestra, The St. Louis Symphony and many other venues. I have been a guest on A Prairie Home Companion and sung and appeared on camera in major motion films. I have recorded some of the more popular jingles over the past decade, and I still jump rope to them when no one is watching.


In addition to my success as a VO artist and vocalist, I have worked in ad agencies, post-production companies and original music studios for 20 years. I know the business from all sides, inside and out, and I love it. This makes for a collaborative and easy process that leaves you and your client happy with a voice that makes even “two for one at $4.99” worth hearing again. Younger, older, smoother, more energy, more smile, one for the clients, hit “the” with more authority. You know the drill. So do I. Announcer, “non announcery,” character, on-hold messages for fertilizer…I do it all and give it my all from start to finish.


I'm close enough to Minneapolis to happily come in for a session in any one of the amazing studios in the big city. And I have a home studio at my farmhouse in Stockholm, WI where I not only record voiceovers but live music as well. Goats and chickens and kids run free and community gardens flourish here. Much like my voice, it's a place where anyone can feel invited and inspired. A place where bare feet, laughter, acceptance and playing along with a music jam on the front porch at 2am are kindly encouraged and all the animals are rescues, as are some people who find their way to Avalon.


Read more about my farm – Avalon here avalonfest.com

As many of my clients can attest to: if we work together, a farm to fable invitation to my house for wine and a hay ride and maybe some rune magic is imminent.

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Morgana is able to record professionally and remotely from her farm in Stockholm, WI in partnership with her preferred studio Egg Music.


Please inquire directly with Morgana or Egg Music about recording details, here.